Florence: Sightseeing And Exploring The Best Place Of Italy


Florence is a must visit travel destination in Italy which is dotted with spectacular monuments and ancient sites. It is a relatively compact center that allows the tourists to navigate the world heritage sites. Numerous things are essential for you to know about Florence before visiting. Florence is incredibly a popular tourist destination, and the city is frequented with millions of visitors every year.

You don’t require any reason to love this city because you can experience great sightseeing and exploration on your foot. The historic center is not only perfect for the visitors to walk along the city, but there is no other way to enjoy your tour. A pair of comfortable walking shoes can give you the perfect touring experience of the city. Florence can give you happiness and joy if it is explored on your foot.

Explore the amazing buildings and museums of Florence

Ponte Vecchio

It is one of the most beautiful bridges that one can witness in Florence. The bridge is not more than a fairy tale location, and it attracts dozens of visitors from all over the world. As the city never fails to impress travelers and vacationers, the exotic locations of Florence will never disappoint you. The best part of the bridge is you can buy a hefty amount of silver if you are looking forward to proposing your girlfriend. It is the only beautiful place where you can gift your loved ones a pretty ring.

The bridge has mainly two levels, and most of the time the upper floors are closed for the public, and it opens during some special occasions and events once or twice in a year. The Florentine people spend most of their time here to experience the city lights of this amazing structure. Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge that is present in Florence which is dotted with numerous shops.

Some fascinating facts about Ponte Vecchio

The bridge is stretched with three segmental arches. The first or main arch is about 90 meters. On the other hand, the remaining two side arches are 27 meters each. The bridge is constructed very near to the Roman crossing which was reconstructed after the main bridge was destroyed by flood in 1117. And after being destroyed for two times, the current bridge was established or rebuilt in 1345.

The shops that are coupled on the bridge mainly comprise of art dealers, jewelers and the souvenir sellers. Later, the back shops were constructed in the 17th century.  The entire bridge is made up of stone in a typical medieval style. It is called Ponte Vecchio is labeled as the “old bridge.” The shops were first populated with butchers shop, but later Duke Ferdinand decided to allow the jewelers and goldsmiths because the previous tenants were producing foul smells and garbage at the ecstatic constructional site.

Book your tickets to Florence and enjoy a perfect vacation at the most exotic travel destinations, Ponte Vecchio. Stop for amazing picture breaks to capture worth remembering memories of the famous place.