All You Need To Know About Florence And Its Amazing Historical Places

Best Florence places

Florence is dotted with international historical sites and ancient monuments. The amazing city is coupled with art museums and cathedrals that attract dozens of travelers and visitors from all over the globe. Walking at the many beautiful sites is the only best option that includes museums, cathedrals, rivers, monuments, and colorful buildings.

You can enjoy the panoramic views of the beautiful art and Romanesque culture. The culture of Florence showcases the entire diversity of the Florentine era. And many famous tourist destinations are coupled here. Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is among the most visited tourist destinations of Florence city. Embark upon the famous structures and explore the Roman culture at Florence.

Santa Maria Del Fiore the most visited historical place at Florence

Santa Maria del Fiore is a Cathedral or major church in the heart of Florence. The amazing structure boats of being the grandest cathedral in the entire region. The amazing monument was built in the middle ages, i.e., 13th century. The massive church replaced one of the smaller churches which stood in the front of San Giovanni.

As you know that Florence is known to be one of the wealthy city of Italy, Florentines never get bored of the ancient places and historical monuments. The exterior of the church is known for its geometric patterning and are made of encrusted marble. It mimics the ancient Tuscan Romanesque designs and style of the famous baptistery, and can also be witnessed at the Santa Maria del Fiore.

Inside the cathedral, you will appreciate the inner design of the church that is built in timber truss roof. The most notable feature of the church is the adequate size of bays that are quite larger and found only in the Gothic churches. You will be amazed to know some more interesting facts about the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore that are listed below:

  • The enormous dome covers the crossing of the dome, and it is the only notable feature of the amazing cathedral.
  • The dome was uncovered for many years, and it was a heavy challenge for the builders to set the dome at the top of the church. Thanks to technology and great Renaissance minds, that developed a good plan to build a dome around the crossing. Finally, it was covered, and the picturesque beauty of the church can be seen from outside.
  • The exterior of the church is engraved with amazing arches, and it allows the visitors to enjoy the typical taste of Italy.

The amazing landmark touches the Florentine skyline which showcases the ancient history of the place. The architectural masterpiece showcases the marvelous history of the cathedral. Book a tour package to Italy and pack your bags to enjoy the beautifully crafted paintings and engraved statues inside the premises of the church.

The innovative and idolized surrounding attracts many visitors from all part of the world. The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is a perfect getaway for the vacationers, adventure enthusiasts, and religious people.  Explore the history and Roman culture at Florence and return your destination with many beautiful memories.